Newsletter 2012

There have been many changes since our last newsletter. The main one has seen the return of the D.B.F. to the village of Nyofelleh at the request of the V.D.C. We are happy to be back as we feel we have come to know so many people there. There is still plenty of work to keep us busy. We are kept informed of events and progress by our local trustee Ahmed and some of us like any excuse to visit The Gambia to see what is going on! On a visit there in November it was most impressive to visit the clinic on a very busy day when a child vaccination team from Gunjur was there.  The clinic was teeming with mums and their babies. Some of the babies looked less than happy at what was going on! At the school we were warmly welcomed by the children and their singing and dancing is really moving. We were delighted to discover that one of our earliest pupils at the school has now returned there as a fully qualified teacher – success!

img001bOur donors and supporters continue to give their valuable support and some have gone to considerable effort to raise extra income for us, Sarah Howell (Photo shown) organised and participated in a Zumbathon which raised £1500 – a magnificent effort. Our eldest trustee Aunty Clara celebrated her 100th birthday in September and birthday guests raised £200 for the charity. We gave her a good birthday party and she was one of the last to leave at the end of the evening.

Two other trustees Dawn and Ian spent some time working in the village on their last visit – Dawn helped out at the clinic and Ian did some teaching in the school – what an experience.

Our chairman Terry has recently needed an operation. It has not stopped him working on behalf of the charity and we are glad that he is recovering well.

Finally thanks to all who have so generously given their support to us – it does make such a difference to us and more importantly to the people in Nyofelleh.


Pauline Payne    trustee.