Newsletter December 2017


NEWSLETTER – December 2017.

SEASONAL GREETINGS – to all our donors, supporters and friends of The Derek Bailey Foundation.


As most of you already know we are a very small charity and all the monies we raise through our donors, supporters and fund-raising events go in their entirety out to The Gambia and to the village of Nyofelleh – yet despite being so small we seem to achieve such a lot.


At the end of last year, we began the building of an annex to our existing school this gives the school three more large classrooms. The construction of the new build has been managed by a young man of the village and he has been very resourceful in gathering together local help and local skilled people to provide a building of a high standard. This has meant that the school has been able to achieve the status of a Middle School enabling older students to remain in the village to complete their 7-9 grades. The Education Department has now appointed additional teaching staff and Head for the Middle School but no furniture or teaching aids/materials. Our previously mentioned young man then set about the making of benches and desks for the pupils. Perhaps not surprisingly we are about to appoint him as our local manager as he has been giving us his loyal support and enthusiasm over the past 2 years. Well done Ousman Jatta. Our next project will be to build African style toilets (pit latrines) for the new annex. There will always be a next project!


We still have a responsibility for the Clinic and our newish maternity unit. During the past year Ousman has organised the re- decoration of the clinic and the planting of orange trees in the clinic compound. When the trees are more established this should provide the Village Development Committee with a source of income to help replenish the small pharmacy that we have at the clinic – providing basic medicines, pain relief etc. Our agreement with the Village Development Committee commits us to the maintenance of the ambulance. This is always an ongoing problem because of the bad roads and harsh climate. A real boost for us recently has been the visit of a group of young medical students visiting and expressing an interest in the clinic. These are medical students from England who are on placement with the Medical Research Council in The Gambia. They intend to re-visit our clinic and have already come up with some suggestions for affordable improvements.


We always appear to pack such a lot into a year and it is only because of your help and support that we can continue to do so – so a big thankyou from all the trustees for your ongoing help.



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